JVC 50″ Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

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Draw on Wednesday, 24 Apr

Answer the question:

What is the Capital of England?

  • London
  • Paris
  • Berlin

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Forget flipping between apps – you’ll find all your favourite shows on the home screen of this JVC Fire TV. You’ll see recommendations from Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Each member of the family can have their own profile, so your dramas won’t get mixed in with the kids’ favourites. It all looks great on the 4K display which is packed with detail and colour. HDR10 and Dolby Vision bring an even greater depth of colour and brilliant brightness, so everything looks more real.

Good to know

– Brace yourself for epic sound with support for Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X, and DTS HD audio
– Alexa is built-in, so you can give simple voice commands, control your smart devices, and search for entertainment
– Pair the TV with your Amazon Echo device for hands-free control
– Freeview Play makes it easy to catch up on episodes you’ve missed from the past week – all on demand and in one place

Competition History

Competition Sold Tickets Information
Date User Ticket number
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon829
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon49
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon279
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon337
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon368
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon412
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon424
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon460
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon528
10/04/2024 6:13 pmSharon709
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen29
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen161
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen175
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen378
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen423
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen571
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen670
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen741
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen855
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen914
10/04/2024 5:44 pmBen961
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha73
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha252
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha323
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha335
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha446
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha676
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha696
10/04/2024 5:03 pmSamantha870
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle192
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle249
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle315
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle430
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle536
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle590
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle673
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle684
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle816
06/04/2024 2:23 pmDanielle76
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen195
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen952
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen943
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen133
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen239
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen255
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen258
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen324
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen472
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen570
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen800
06/04/2024 2:18 pmBen902
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt329
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt262
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt251
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt215
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt191
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt164
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt156
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt138
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt123
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt117
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt79
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt356
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt429
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt921
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt898
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt887
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt877
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt849
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt735
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt656
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt576
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt484
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt487
06/04/2024 2:16 pmMatt618
04/04/2024 3:37 pmPatricia311
04/04/2024 3:37 pmPatricia664
04/04/2024 3:37 pmPatricia522
04/04/2024 3:37 pmPatricia383
04/04/2024 3:37 pmPatricia979
03/04/2024 5:00 pmCompetition started
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How is the winner chosen?

We will use Google’s Random Number Generator  to pick the winning ticket number. The draw will be live streamed on our Facebook page, and you can watch the live draw to see if you win the prize.

How can I know if I won the prize?

We will try to call you on the Live Draw but if we can’t get through, we will of course be in touch once the draw is completed. We will contact the winning ticket holder using the information provided at the ticket purchase.

Can the draw date change?

No, all prizes are drawn on the same date the competition ends and is drawn regardless of tickets sales. If you notice a competition with very few sales, grab yourself some great odds!

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You can watch the live draw on our Facebook Page. Also, the draw results will be updated under the winner’s section on the website.

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