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Win this SKULLCANDY SLYR Gaming Headset – Green DigiHype for just 0.55p per entry!

Hear your enemies coming a mile off. This Skullcandy headset has 50 mm dynamic drivers and features Skullcandy Supreme Sound, so you’ll be able to clearly hear every whisper from your game. The microphone also means you can warn teammates of approaching enemies. Don’t worry if the action makes you break into a sweat – this headset is water-resistant so will be able to handle it, even if you can’t.

– Adjust the volume or mute the mic quickly, there are controls on the earcup
– 3.5 mm jack makes it pretty much universal, you can hook up PCs, Macs, phones and consoles
– You can detach the mic, so you can keep it out of the way when you’re playing a solo campaign
– The memory foam ear cushions covered with breathable spandex make sure your ears are comfy for long gaming sessions
– The brilliant green accents make this headset the perfect companion to your Xbox


Competition History

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Competition Sold Tickets Information
Date User Ticket number
11/10/2023 5:49 pmTom41
11/10/2023 5:49 pmTom208
11/10/2023 5:28 pmMarsh232
11/10/2023 5:06 pmLouise444
11/10/2023 5:06 pmLouise171
11/10/2023 4:44 pmAnthony376
11/10/2023 4:02 pmjosh86
11/10/2023 4:02 pmjosh145
11/10/2023 4:02 pmjosh309
11/10/2023 4:02 pmjosh435
11/10/2023 4:02 pmjosh468
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny210
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny203
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny179
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny160
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny143
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny126
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny56
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny25
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny402
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny238
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny247
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny267
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny485
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny459
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny442
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny439
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny430
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny342
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny330
11/10/2023 3:37 pmDanny318
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason434
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason395
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason295
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason283
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason278
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason254
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason233
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason128
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason101
11/10/2023 1:30 pmJason74
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart323
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart294
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart161
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart136
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart33
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart354
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart392
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart393
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart397
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart429
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart447
11/10/2023 9:11 amstewart487
11/10/2023 7:49 amBen194
11/10/2023 7:49 amBen250
11/10/2023 7:49 amBen260
11/10/2023 7:49 amBen331
11/10/2023 7:49 amBen396
11/10/2023 7:49 amBen415
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus404
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus61
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus117
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus206
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus313
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus369
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus389
10/10/2023 10:39 pmMarcus223
27/09/2023 1:02 pmGeorgie237
27/09/2023 1:02 pmGeorgie62
27/09/2023 1:02 pmGeorgie5
14/09/2023 9:14 pmSalmon312
14/09/2023 12:00 pmCompetition started
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